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  • Megan Biggs

Let's talk about the gays.

February 5, 2014

What's crazy about this is not "redefining marriage" or "African-Americans" or "Sister Suffragette" - none of that jumped out at me. It was all stuff I'd heard, and agreed with, before.

What jumped out at me this time was the simple phrase at the end - "They were simply invited to the table."

I just keep rolling it over and over in my head and it cuts out everything for me, makes it so simple. Subtracts the hate and the fear and ignorance and the theological dilly-dallies. You get tired, sometimes, of everyone's little displays of genius. They were simply invited to the table.

I don't think you could use a phrase more inherently Christian in nature if you tried. And I mean the Christianity that redeems, that Christianity that saves, the Christianity that sticks up for those without a voice. When people think of Christianity and the gay community, does that particular phrase ever, ever come to mind? For anyone? "Gee, when I think of the gay community and the christian community, I think - they were invited to the table." I have literally never met anybody who would ever say that, or thinks that in any way. And I find that disgusting.

I live my life, my day-to-day, boring, slightly bizarre, mundane, messy, dirty life in a community house called the House of Commons. Chances are if you've met me I've gone on about it at some point. If I could sum up community life and community living and the House of Common's general philosophy in one succint phrase, it would only be this - All are invited to the table.

Some might say, "well, that's fine, because we're all sinners and the sin of homosexuality is no worse than any other sin. But it is a sin, and sin separates us from God." To those people I would say, Sweetheart, you're missing the point.

I'm not here to debate the sinliness of homosexuality. As for me myself, personally, I don't believe that homosexuality is a sin. I just don't. And if you want to get into a theological debate with me, it's gonna be a no from me dog. What I will say is that the sentiment "Love the sinner, hate the sin" is complete bullshit. It doesn't mean anything.

Think about people whose tables you're welcome at. For me, I think of Sheralyn. I think of Pam. I think of Brandi. I think of my own mother. My beautiful, wonderful mother. I'd be hard-pressed to find anybody's table I'm more welcome at than my mother's. When I sit down with my mother and Holiday Pops, they are not thinking, "It's cool that she's here and all, but the most important thing tonight is for her to realize just how sinful her sins are." Um, no. That's not how this works. They're just happy to be with me. And that's God's heart towards everyone.

And I can't believe I have to say this, but I'm going to say it - that's including people who are gay.

What I'm trying to say is this : Christianity isn't about "some are invited to the table if their hormones respond in a socially acceptable way to the opposite gender." Despite what you believe or don't believe about being gay, Christianity is about this - all are welcome to the table.

Let's start acting like it.

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